i said some dumbass things to someone cool tonigjt

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and because i fucked up, all of my words have a hollow ring to them

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felinekitten asked: happy 21st birthday. welcome to the club.


i am a profoundly fearful person

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there was a moment at NMH that i thought i might cry then i imagined a voiceover saying “in that moment, i truly felt like a white boy”, and laughed a lot instead.

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kneel and pray, and then you will believe

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why are queer people are 1000000x better than straight people

explain that, science

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kittening asked: ryan i feel like you would be able to find this, do you remember that video of the guy in the rap battle and he goes "yo my penis is kinda small" i just remembered it and i need to see it



required viewing for all of my followers

who the fuck is scraeming “CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD” at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never change my password

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